Classes start with a vengeance after 2 months off…..

Mondays at mireuil 09h45-11h15

Tuesday’s ados  18h-19h15

Wednesdays st eloi 18h30-20 h

Thursdays 20h30- 22h


And as usual , a fond , a donf. …100km/h…

Coming soon

‘Solo One ‘Coming soon to the Horizon theatre in La Pallice.

Taking the first movement that makes up part of my dance DNA, plié,

plié then ?

A search in the body to retrieve movements that

Make me dance

Make me move like I do

The usual suspects

Didn’t they do well!

Very proud of my Bonnodeau dancers, they looked like they enjoyed themselves too

After 2 weeks of rehearsals at the Chapelle St V they were ready for lift off at l’horizon theatre(merci Axel and l’horizon lieu de recherche et création)

Enjoyable to do , didn’t go perfectly but the main thing was that it was liked by public and dancers alike

The usual suspects

After 2 weeks of searching, laughing, moving and losing my temper the short performance by the inmates of the foyer Bonnodeau will be open to one and all on Saturday the 23rd at 18h30 at l’horizon theatre , la pallice……

Be there or be square……

Compagnie Chiroptera

A La Rochelle based Contemporary dance company run by John Bateman and Maud Vallee.

2018 will see us dancing at the festival , L’Horizon fait le Mur July 28/29 , La Laigne(Disorder)

and on Oleron Island (Unlimited light) , date to be announced as an outdoor ecological dance performance


Please feel free to contact us on the form below for any further information